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U.S.-Mexico Borderlands showing states on both sides of the border.

This wiki is the product of collaborative research and writing among students enrolled in Drake University's U.S.-Mexico Borderlands course, offered through the Department for the Study of Culture and Society. In this wiki, students take an critical approach toward educating the public regards major issues associated with the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands. These topics range from the historical development of the borderlands to gendered industrial production, feminization, and the problem of feminicide in Ciudad Juarez. Other topics include immigration, trafficking and police buildup of the border. We hope that this educational tool will serve as an invaluable source of knowledge.

The Students involved wiht this project include Kale Abrahamson, Michael Hoyt, Thaddeus Logan, Matthew McManus, Michaela Oleson, Ravi Patel, Alyssa Scimeca, Parker Stinski, and Riley Willman.

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Below is a list of the books, films, and additional materials on this topic. We highly recommend that you add them to your reading and viewing lists.

Books Edit

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Films Edit

The 800 Mile Wall


Beyond the Border: Más Allá de la Frontera

Border Patrol: Life on the Line

De Nadie: Border Crossing

Dying to Get In: Undocumented Immigration at the U.S. Mexican Border

El Norte

La Bestia/The Beast

The Border (KPBS)

Las Marthas

The Fence/La Barda

The Global Assembly Line

The Invisible Chapel

The Invisible Mexicans of Deer Canyon


Mexico: A Death in the Desert

Mixed Feelings

Natives: Immigrant Bashing on the Border

On the Edge: The Femicide in Ciudad Juárez

One Border/One Body: Immigration and the Eucharist

Rights on the Line: Vigilantes at the Border

Señorita Extraviada


The U.S.-Mexican War (PBS)

Walking the Line

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